The Golden Bowl Is Broken

I appreciate the use of imagery and symbolism in condolance in the broken golden bowl. It speaks to loss, value, meaning, purpose, eternity, and hope simultaneously. Absolutely beautiful.


I remember reading this letter years ago.  I used to spend many rainy afternoons in the college library avoiding any course-related work by devouring the biographies of the “Lost Generation” writers, artists, composers, dancers, and their benefactors.  This letter has remained with me and I am reminded of it whenever I or someone I know experiences loss.  I used to include the “golden bowl” line in sympathy cards, but I think it really only meant something to me.  After reading several biographies on the Murphy family, I felt very fond of them, their loss of their two boys, while having all the treatments and specialists money could buy, hurt as if I actually knew them.  The Letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald was an often-borrowed book from several libraries from Seattle to Interlochen (until I found my own copy in a second-hand book store) and it’s content I think…

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