The habit of restoration…

Love the word pictures…leaves me feeling refreshed and joy-filled, like a walk in a garden.

Along The Dividing Line

Once again, so many thoughts such little concentration and time but I will try to do this subject a little justice. Lately I’ve been in a place of relative detatchment brought on by a few old pains and that has lent me towards a more selfish and grumbling state of existence. Being miserable is exhausting though. This morning I got in my car and realized I needed to reconnect and that for me can sometimes mean meaningful music from trusted artists and loose dialogue with God while I process. A trusty source for me personally, Sandra McCracken. She never fails to get me thinking and reopen my heart. So with the song hourglass on repeat and a request for God to please meet me, He was faithful and I was met. Oddly enough there was a weird melding of some old ideals, current personal issues, and some old college lectures come to…

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