I appreciate honest truth about the struggles that are so common to all of us.

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Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen;
it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

(Hebrews 11:1 NLT)

Everything you want to believe keeps getting tangled up in your thoughts. One minute you know for sure, the next it seems so far away. You pray and it sounds like you are talking to yourself. There is no assurance on the other end that anyone is listening, that anyone cares.

One day, faith is so easy, the next it is like believing in the tooth fairy. You search for answers; reassurance. You pray; you plea; you shout for the truth; nothing happens. You grow weary; frustrated; angry; defeated. You give up for the moment. You go on with your life, but the unrest, the gnawing thought that you are not what you can be is ever-present.

The unrest continues. The questions inside give you no rest…

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