The Burning House: What People Would Take If The House Was on Fire

Remembering the important and essential things in life…


I found this article last night and fell in love with the idea for a photo challenge:  Give yourself five minutes and a bag.  Rush through your place and collect everything you think you want to have, knowing that everything else will be lost/burned/destroyed.  What would you grab and why?  Make it quirky.  Make it unique.  Make it meaningful.  Take a photo, include a short description of what and why you chose each thing, and email it to me here at  I will post mine and any others I get.

A pictorial meditation on how we construct our identity through objects and material possessions.

If your house suddenly caught on fire, what would you grab as you fled out the door? That’s precisely the question Foster Huntington asked himself, so he gathered the belongings he himself would take and photographed them, then asked a few friends to do the…

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