Re-Blog: Faith… in Baby Steps

When we trust that there is real power in depending on Him and giving our best to pursue His way, we will discover that the possibilities for what He can do in us and through us are endless!  Taking those steps of faith are not easy, but they are sooooo worth it.

How do we know which steps are the steps God has in mind specifically for us?  We read His Word, which tells us about His will, and we pray, so that we can know the nuances of His will for our individual situations. Prayer is such a simple solution to many of our areas of uncertainty, lack of clarity, or  need for reassurance, yet if you are like me, you may struggle with taking advantage of this wonderful privilege on a regular basis.

The good news is, it’s never too late to take God up on the wonderful opportunity He has made available to us!

~ Your “Mission” for Today ~

Choose from any of the following missions as a way to put “feet” to your faith!


Write it down. – In Chapter 4, it’s all about being committed – committed enough to take the next step of faith into what appears to be an abyss of uncertainty.  Or maybe it’s being committed enough to keep doing what God told you to do last!  Many times we are lost because we don’t remember what are last point of action was or we have lost focus. If you have not been moving forward in faith because you need to focus or remember, take time to write down an action that you can tie to your faith and keep it in a place that you can see.  Maybe an index card in your wallet, or write with lipstick on a mirror, or type up a reminder then print and post on your wall or in your cube at work.


Lean on someone else. – There is power when we choose to walk in faith.  But sometimes we really  need to lean on the strong faith of someone else until we can stand on our own two feet.   If you are struggling to continue in your walk of faith, call someone and ask them to pray with you.  Call your church if they have prayer line.  Email your request to someone else and ask them to keep you lifted up today.  It’s OK to admit that you are not able to stand on your own two feet.  Don’t be found laid on the ground simply because you refused to lean on someone else. Do you struggle to lean on your mom or mother-in-law because you don’t want them to know you are struggling?  The problem with hiding our weakness is that we don’t give ourselves the freedom to benefit from the strength of our sister in Christ, neighbors, relatives, or friends.


Start a prayer journal. – In Chapter 8 we discuss the importance of a Kingdom Woman’s prayer life. While writing down your areas of focus is a good thing, writing down your prayer requests is even better. Now before you get overwhelmed at the idea of one more thing to do, here me out.  Keep a journal of your prayers for ONE WEEK.  That’s it.  From this Monday to next Monday, record your prayers and any responses that you hear from God during your time together.  Even if this one week is all you do, it could be a beautiful experience.

Take a Step!
 – Sometimes the hardest thing to do when we do know the direction in which God is calling us is to take the first step. We might be overwhelmed with accomplishing the overall goal or end result, and so we are paralyzed and do nothing.  Has God told you to go back to school?  Call a few schools this week and have them send information to you.  Has God told you to get out of debt?  Set aside 15 minutes a day to work on your budget and find a little money here or there to put towards lowering your debt. Every little bit counts.  Are you believing God to provide a mate for you?  What is one thing that you can do today to prepare to be the wife that you want to be for your future husband? Need ideas?  Marriage requires service.  Find someone to serve for no reason.  Guess what? Men need to eat.  Can you cook?  Find one failsafe dish from someone you trust and work on it! Need ideas?  Try some from a post I put on the blog this weekend

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