Posted by JMI on Nov 12 2013

Gala #4

If you were at the JMI Benefit Gala this year you saw a video that included the girl I sponsor in Grace House expressing her excitement over the big window in her new room.  I believe her exact words were summed up by “Wow”!

A window.  Thrilled!?

I’ve been thinking about that moment quite often and Thanksgiving seems like the perfect time to blog about it.  After all, how many kids do you know who would be ecstatic over their window?

At first I thought it was the view, which is a rather picturesque vista of the capital city.  But Chisinau isn’t Paris by a long shot!

Then I remembered the windows in the orphanage of Falesti where Ala grew up.  Like all of Moldova’s orphanages, the windows are barred.  Whether that is to keep thieves out or the kids from climbing out their windows, I have no idea.  Probably both.

Either way, Ala feels blessed to have a window she says she could “never have imagined.”  I suspect it gives her a sense of freedom and a new perspective on life.

What’s the view look like from your window today?  How many of us are living with the big issues of our lives obstructing our views and barring our happiness?  Our jobs.  Our finances.  Our kids.  Our marriages.  Big issues tend to suck the marrow out of our bones.  How easily our blessings can erode into wastelands.  Ever feel like Job and want to cry out, “I curse the day I was born!?”

Maybe it’s true….maybe life truly does consist of attending to the little things.  An evening walk together.  The V.I.P. greeting we get every day after work from our dog.  A baby’s hand clasping your finger.  Your children’s laughter.  The smell of apple cinnamon crisp baking in your kitchen.  One of the Master’s brilliant sunsets.

All of this can easily be missed if we aren’t mindful; if we forget where we’ve come from; if we forget the simple things that used to be the best things; if we fail to be attentive to the little things.

Like windows.

And orphans.

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