Revealing Your Calling by Dr. Tony Evans

Revealing Your Calling

Jesus says the way to find your life is to lose it for His sake. When you do that, God will reveal your calling to you, and the puzzle of life will begin to come together.

My oldest daughter, Chrystal, was a puzzle fanatic when she was younger. She was always putting puzzles together. One day I brought home a one-thousand piece puzzle.

She took the puzzle, went to her room, but came back a couple of hours later looking very upset. “Daddy, why did you buy me this puzzle? It has too many pieces!”

Life is like that. It has too many pieces. If you try to put them together by yourself, you will only frustrate yourself. It you want to put the pieces of your life together, God must own you. He is the One who holds the finished image of your calling. Putting together a puzzle without seeing the image of the final product is nearly impossible. Look to Him because He knows where He is taking you. In fact, many Christians are living their lives with a feeling of insignificance because they cannot see how they relate to the much larger, comprehensive puzzle called God’s purpose. You may be a fancy piece, pretty piece, handsome piece or well-crafted piece, but until you connect to the greater meaning for which you were created, you are just a piece without a picture.

The picture that God has created us all to form is the maximizing of His glory and the expansion of His kingdom through the impact of your good works. If you are a Christian, then whatever you are called to do will achieve both of those things.

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