Here’s to journeys…

Its been a year at least since I’ve had a moment to sit and reflect here.  Even now, I don’t really have the time, just the need for it.  What a year of growth, heartbreak, friendship, loss, opportunity and closure it has become.  I spent the past year at the Pentagon watching God resuscitate my career path.   I am humbled and in awe.  I said goodbye forever to two cousins.  One, 5 years old to leukemia.  One, 23 to a drug overdose.  Both tragic.

Over the past year God has reminded me of my value to Him and His purpose for me.  I have also suffered relational wounds that have torn at the core of my identity and self-worth.  My children have grown and blossomed in the most amazing ways.  I have learned more about my God than I ever imagined.  Yes, we have walked some rocky paths, He and I, and in many ways the foreseeably hardest trials are on the horizon.

I so desire to commit at the onset to submit this road of pain to Him–to learn and grow rather than shrink back in the faith.

In a matter of weeks, we dump the box out again.  New job.  New location.  New community.  New life.  Though, this time, its different.  It isn’t a complete dumping of the box.  I have a foundation on my immovable Rock.  I am stepping out in faith, but not ravaged.  Not because the trials haven’t come.  It’s just this time I am able to not lose heart because of the mercy of God.  While I myself am as fragile as a clay jar, He is imbuing me with His surpassing power.

…afflicted in every way, but not crushed, perplexed but not driven to despair,persecuted but not abandoned nor forsaken, struck down, but not destroyed…


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